If it is a steel frame,
can manufacturing product To Taisei
With the reliable precision that slight error does not permit
Flexible anti-stress in response to every needs.
I provide the product which is a high quality.
Company profile
I was cultivated for half a century,
Manufacturing of TAISEI.
I supported industry of Japan with "a steel frame".
Taisei since establishment of 1972 (Showa 47) a steel frame in main a can manufacturing product,
I met the needs of the customer by the production such as a handrail, a covered passageway, the outfit product widely.
In a certain technique lined for the results that would be abundant from now on and longtime experience,
I pursue a high-quality product supporting industry of Japan from the root.
The factory appearance
Product image
Product image
Factory introspectiveness
Facilities information
I support realization of strict observance, objection 0 on a deadline
I introduce the facilities system of the latest all possible measures.
Construction career
I use it for a boiler for power stations, outdoor apparatuses
I introduce a past construction career to structures.
Employment information
A younger staff member is playing an active part! Do you not work at Taisei together?
We which a younger staff member in the prime plays a key role, and play an active part. The vigor that aims "better", and continues challenging it is always the workplace which there is. An inexperienced person is welcome, too! The acquisition support of various qualifications including Tamakake, a crane is fulfilling, too. I prepare for the environment that can play an active part in the careful instruction by the senior employee in peace.
Employee image
Employee image
Employee image
Employee image
Employee image
I take the inquiry to Taisei to this by a telephone or an email casually
〒857-0401 339-35, Kosazachokuroishi, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki